Gerald Stubbs

Recent works. 2019/20/21

My Terrace
PS Wingfield Castle. Hartlepool harbour.
Bosham Church
San Michele de Murato
Castelnau Montratier
Calvi SOLD
Bosham Creek SOLD
Bastia SOLD
HMS Trincomalee. Royal Naval Museum, Hartlepool.
Aragon village
Place des Aires, Grasse. circa 1920
Water Lilies

S. Andrew’s Harbour. Cathedral behind. SOLD

After years of doing all sorts of things, amongst which were construction labourer, double decker bus driver, crop sprayer, land drainage operative, heavy plant operator, bosun on a private yacht, blue water sailor, smallholding farmer, builder of one-off motor cars, hawker of fruit and vegetables, fly-rod maker, fish transporter, smoked salmon producer, peat fuel seller and various other occupations, some of which the least said about the better, I arrived at a time of life where I was both retired and not able to do the demanding stuff that I had previously done.

Unable to settle down to tea and doughnuts in front of daytime television I needed to find something to do with my time that was both intellectually and manually satisfying.

At school I had studied art and architecture and was quite good at it which encouraged me to subsequently attend art school. The union did not last long because I was required to attend lessons and do things that I did not feel I wanted to do and at the end of the first year I was asked to go and do something else other than continue at the West Sussex College of Art.

Thus when I was looking for something with which to occupy myself my thoughts naturally turned to painting and I have taken to it like a duck to water, as they say. I don’t have to go out into the cold and can comfortably paint away inside, in front of the fire, within easy reach of vittles and inspiring Cahors wine.

I had an exhibition in Lauzerte, Tarn and Garonne, France, this summer gone which was well received and have exhibitions planned in Harrogate, Yorkshire and in Bath next year in the summer, details of which I will post in due course and I will have another exhibition in Lauzerte, which is where I live. Other exhibitions are planned which, again, I will give details of in due course.

Lauzerte exhibition
Lauzerte exhibition
My refreshments box and cooling gizmo.


Commissions are undertaken of an architectural and landscape nature. Please get in contact.


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